Practitioners and physiotherapists

Owner, Sports Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist
Lars works with the national U17-Team in soccer. He has previously worked for FC Copenhagen and specializes in sports injuries, low back pain, running injuries, musculoskeletal pain and muscle activation.
Sports Physiotherapist and musculoskeletal therapist
Thomas has extensive experience with sports injuries, back and neck pain as well as chronic pain. Thomas specializes in the examination and treatment of nerve pathways as well as rehabilitation for sports.
Sports Physiotherapist and Rehabilitation Specialist
Michael specializes in the treatment of back and neck pain, sports injuries, headaches and rehabilitation. Michael has extensive experience in the world of sports, including several professional handball clubs.
Masseuse and Sports masseuse
Mette is an experienced masseuse. She specializes in sports massage, wellness massage and connective tissue massage.
Masseuse and Sports masseuse
Maren is a skilled masseuse who specializes in sports massage, work-related pain and massage for wellness and sports injuries.
Masseur and Sports masseur
Jakob is an excellent and experienced masseur. He specializes in deep tissue massage, sports massage and shoulder, neck and low back.
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