Get rid of pain

Specialized physiotherapy in Copenhagen that quickly and effectively treats pain and sports injuries.

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Sports injuries

Become painless when you exercise and do sports.

Back pain

Get rid of your pain in the
back and neck.

Pain treatment

Achieve pain relief in daily life and when you are working.

Specialists in sports injuries

Whether you do regular exercise or are a professional athlete, we are ready to help you.

Our physiotherapists treat several of Denmark's top athletes and have experience from e.g. DBU, FC Copenhagen, FC Nordsjælland and the Danish Basketball League. This is your guarantee of high quality, fast results as well as thorough and effective treatment. In the picture above you can see our physiotherapist, Lars in action as a physiotherapist for FC Copenhagen.

Experts in low back pain

We have successfully treated hundreds of people with back pain. It has been all types of back and lumbar pain ranging from an acute facet joint syndrome and sciatic pain to chronic low back pain.

In 2020, we were interviewed by Ekstra Bladet, where we could share our experiences regarding the treatment of low back pain. Above is our clinic owner, Lars Røpke Nielsen in an article for Ekstra Bladet, where he shows exercises for treatment of low back pain.

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"I highly recommend
this physio."

Cristina Fernandez

“I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this Physio! I had a horrible neck pain. Lars was quick to figure out what was wrong with me and immediately alleviated my pain. Something many other physical therapists in the past have been unable to do. It amazed me, especially because he used completely different techniques than any other physical therapist I’d visited. I’m eternally grateful to Copenhagen Physio for treating me better than I ever have been.”

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"This is by far the best one
I have ever been to."

Nils Hauf

“I have been to multiple Physiotherapists in Switzerland and Germany. This is by far the best one I have ever been to. STRONG recommendation. Lars informed clearly and detailed how he intended to approached my session. He studied my injury, performed tests and communicated his findings and interpretations very accurate and demonstrated those. Lars was calm, professional, friendly and yet efficient. Both tumbs up!”

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"I recommend the place to
everyone around me."

Pernille Rasmussen

“I have struggled with sports injuries for +10 years and never found someone who could help me with the right treatments - except from Copenhagen Physio! They have made more progress with me in 3 weeks than any other physiotherapist ever managed. It is my absolute go-to place for any treatment related to pain in my body. I recommend the place to everyone around me having any injuries, and they have also been helped! :)”

Physiotherapy in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Physio is a physiotherapy clinic specializing in treating sports injuries and pain in the back and neck as well as muscles and joints.

We have a strong focus on creating fast results that work in the short and long term.

Regarding the treatment, we combine several types of techniques depending on your problem. We use e.g. muscle activation, manipulations, mobilizations as well as exercise rehabilitation. We adapt the treatment to you so that the treatment is as fast and efficient as possible.

The clinic is located in Valby, but we have patients for physiotherapy from all over Copenhagen.

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Book an appointment

You can book an appointment online by clicking the orange button below.
You can also call our secretary and book an appointment on tel. +45 60 55 44 50.

Do you have questions?

If you have any questions or are in doubt about us being able to help you, you are very welcome to write to us by email or call us. We are looking forward to hear from you.

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"One of the most skilled
therapists I have ever used."

Trine Viskum

“Lars is one of the most skilled therapists I have ever used. In addition, he is sweet and pleasant. Lars thinks holistically and uses different treatment methods. He has helped me with both low back pain and my shoulder.”

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"Lars is a skilled and
professional physio."

Michael Barrett

“Lars is a skilled and professional physio who put me at ease, cleared up my hip pain and got me running again with the minimum of fuss. I felt I was in safe hands from our first meeting. Highly recommended.”

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"Helped me to
get rid of the pain."

Margarita Nutfulina

“Lars is highly professional. I had back pain for years and tried many physiorherapists before but nothing helped. However Lars helped me to get rid of the pain and get body to function fully in 3 sessions. Many many thanks! And highly recommended!”

We also offer:


Get rid of injuries with highly specialized rehabilitation.


Get a nice wellness massage or a deep tissue sports massage.


Get efficient treatment for pain and sports injuries with acupuncture. 

Would you like to know more about Physiotherapy?

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is basically about treating your injuries and pain in the body. We are able to help you if you fx have back pain or if you have been injured in a soccer match. Physiotherapy is also about rehabilitation, which is relevant after surgery or if you have suffered a sports injury. In any case, we can help you recover faster from the injury and make you pain free.

What does a physiotherapist do?

A physiotherapist's primary task is to examine and treat patients for pain as well as rehabilitate patients after an injury or surgery. Most patients go to a physiotherapist because they have experienced pain somewhere in the body. Fx it is estimated that at any given time in Denmark there are approx. 1 million people who have back pain. As a physiotherapist, we spend a lot of time relieving and treating pain.

As a physiotherapist, we must try to clarify why our patients are in pain and why the pain has occurred. There can be many different reasons for this. It is the physiotherapist's job to figure out what the cause of the pain is and treat it.

In addition to relieving pain, we also use physiotherapy to rehabilitate after surgeries, prevent injuries and increase the performance of elite athletes.

How to examine as a physiotherapist

A treatment with a physiotherapist always starts with a conversation, where we review your problem as well as previous injuries and old surgery. You will then be examined to find out the cause of your problem.

As a physiotherapist, we are trained to investigate why you are hurting in a specific place. To assess why the pain or injury has occurred, physiotherapists use many different tests. It could be muscle testing to assess how the strength is in a specific muscle. Or it may be a mobility tests that provide answers to where the mobility is impaired and needs to be treated. We can also examine whether specific structures have been damaged, such as a cruciate ligament or ligament in the ankle.

On the basis of a thorough examination, the physiotherapist will start a treatment that suits your specific problem.

Treatment with physiotherapy

As physiotherapists, we are specialists in relieving pain and making the body function optimally.
In physiotherapy, we use many different techniques to treat muscles, joints and the nervous system. It could be manual treatment techniques, muscle activation as well as strength training and mobility exercises.

It is different which type of treatment is most useful and effective. It depends on the type of damage and structure involved. For example, heavy, slow resistance training is effective in treating tendon injuries, whereas back pain requires a different approach. Overall, when the muscles are functioning and the joints can move freely, most of the pain in the body tends to disappear.

Acute physiotherapy in Copenhagen

We usually have the option of offering acute physiotherapy if you need it. At times, however, we may be extra busy, but most often you can get an appointment within a few days.

Specialized physiotherapy in Copenhagen

There are many specialties in physiotherapy. Among other things, you can specialize in pediatric physiotherapy, rehabilitation after brain injuries, neurological patients and training of elderly and arthritis patients. At Copenhagen Physio, we specialize in treating sports injuries and pain in the musculoskeletal system as well as rehabilitation after surger.

We have chosen to have a relatively narrow focus within physiotherapy, so we can become as skilled as possible for exactly what we are passionate about.

Physiotherapy in Copenhagen and Valby

If you are looking for a physiotherapist in Copenhagen, we are ready to help you. Copenhagen Physio is located inside Spinderiet close to Valby station. We are a direct extension of Sats Fitness Center, which means that we can use their training facilities in connection with rehabilitation.

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