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Specialized physiotherapy for Pain and Sports

Get treatment that quickly and effectively treats your sports injury or pain in your back, muscles and joints.

Copenhagen Physio
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Are you in pain?

  • Do you have low back pain?

  • Have you suffered a sports injury?

  • Do you have acute or chronic pain?

  • Do you have work-related pain?

  • Or do you need rahabilitation after surgery?

Do you want:
  • To get rid of your pain?

  • To be able to exercise and practice sports again?

  • Effective treatment that works, once and for all?

  • Or rehabilitation that will get you back quickly and safely?

We can help you!

We are specialized in diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating sports injuries and musculoskeletal pain.

Our treatment will:

  • Help you to exercise without pain.

  • Give you a daily life with less or no pain at all.

  • Help you achieve full strength and free mobility.

  • Give you less risk of injury and pain in the future.

  • Help you to perform better.

Why choose us?

Whether you exercise, have common pain such as low back pain or are a professional athlete, we are ready to help you. Our physiotherapists are all specialized and have worked for several top sports brands in Denmark such as FC Copenhagen, Brøndby IF, FC Nordsjælland and DBU. It is your guarantee of high quality, results as well as thorough and effective treatment.

Physiotherapy Copenhagen. physiotherapist and physical therapy

Above, clinic owner Lars Røpke Nielsen is seen as a physiotherapist for FC Copenhagen.

5 stjernet anmeldelse

"This is by far the best I have ever been to."

Nils Hauff

“I have been to multiple Physiotherapists. STRONG recommendation. He studied my injury, performed tests and communicated his findings and interpretations very accurate. Lars was calm, professional, friendly and yet efficient. Both tumbs up!”

5 stjernet anmeldelse

"Helped me to get rid of the pain."

Margarita Nutfulina

“Lars is highly professional. I had back pain for years and tried many physiorherapists before but nothing helped. However Lars helped me to get rid of the pain and get body to function fully in 3 sessions. Many many thanks! And highly recommended!”

5 stjernet anmeldelse

"Got me running again with the minimum of fuss."

Michael Barrett

“Lars is a skilled and professional physio who put me at ease, cleared up my hip pain and got me running again with the minimum of fuss. I felt I was in safe hands from our first meeting. Highly recommended.”

Sportsfysioterapi København

Sports Physiotherapy

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Genoptræning København

Exercise Rehabilitation

About the clinic

At Copenhagen Physio we deal with sports injuries and common musculoskeletal pain such as low back pain and neck pain. We guarantee treatment with high quality, results supplemented with thorough and effective treatment.

For the same reason, we are often used as second opinion if other treatment has been inadequate.

We treat the following:
  • Low back pain: Facet joint pain, herniation etc.

  • Knee: Runners knee, anterior knee pain etc.

  • Foot/ankle: Plantar fasciitis, sprained ankle etc.

  • Elbow pain: Tennis and golfers elbow.

  • Hip and groin pain: eg. sciatic pain.

  • Neck pain: Facet joint pain, head ache etc.

  • Shoulder Pain: eg. impingement.

  • Muscle and tendon injuries: Achilles, hamstrings etc.

  • Rehabilitation after surgery.

How to book an appointment

You can book an appointment online by clicking the orange button below.
You can also call our secretary and book an appointment on tel. +45 60 55 44 50.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions or are in doubt about whether we can help you, you are very welcome to write to us in the contact form at the bottom of the page. We are looking forward to hear from you.

Great physiotherapy is when the cause of your problem is treated and not just the symptoms. At Copenhagen Physio, we treat the cause of your problem and make sure that you regain full strength in the muscles and free mobility in the joints, quickly and efficiently. In this way, the vast majority of pain and injuries disappear.

We specialize in treating sports injuries and pain in the back, joints and muscles. At the clinic, we offer Sports Physiotherapy for the treatment of sports injuries; Physiotherapy for the treatment of pain in the body (fx low back pain) and rehabilitation after surgery and injuries.

You must choose us if you want to become pain-free or wish to exercise again, quickly and safely. Our therapists are all highly specialized and have worked for top sports brands such as FC Copenhagen, Brøndby IF, FC Nordsjælland and DBU. Our high level of education is your guarantee for effective treatment that provides fast and measurable results.

With 4.9 out of 5 stars, we are the clinic in Copenhagen that has the most 5-star reviews. The rating is based on 118 reviews from Google, Trustpilot and Facebook.

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is basically about helping you get rid of your pain, injuries or impaired function of the musculoskeletal system. Or maybe you have had surgery and need rehabilitation.

As a physiotherapist, we are specialized in making the body function optimally. We are trained to investigate why an injury has occurred or why you have pain in a specific area of the body. Based on a thorough examination, we can help you by using various treatment techniques.

Treatment Techniques

In physiotherapy, we use manual treatment techniques and training exercises to treat your muscles, joints and bones as well as the connective tissue and nervous system.

The purpose of physiotherapy is to remove or reduce your pain as well as achieve full strength and free mobility in joints and muscles. This way you can achieve full function in everyday life and return to your training if that is the goal.

Treatment with a physiotherapist always starts with a conversation, where we review your problem as well as previous injuries and surgery. You will then be examined to find out the cause of your problem. For example the strength of your muscles and the mobility of the joints are examined and tested. Then the treatment itself starts, which can involve different treatment techniques, each with a different effect and purpose.

Listed below are the treatment techniques that we use the most:

Manipulations and mobilizations to relieve pain and increase mobility.
Strength training to achieve full strength in the muscles.
Exercises to achieve free mobility and full function.
Activation of the muscles and the nervous system.
Acupuncture to relieve pain.
Preventive treatments to avoid injuries and pain in the future.

Specialized physiotherapy

There are many specialties in physiotherapy. Among other things, you can specialize in physiotherapy for children, rehabilitation after brain injuries, neurological patients and training of elderly and arthritis patients.

At Copenhagen Physio, we specialize in treating sports injuries and pain in the musculoskeletal system as well as rehabilitation after operations.

We have chosen to have a relatively narrow focus within physiotherapy, so that we can become as skilled as possible in exactly what we are passionate about.

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