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Rehabilitation after surgeries

Get specialized rehabilitation after surgery in the knee, shoulder, hip or ankle.

Sports injuries and rehabilitation

Get rid of your pain when you exercise and do sports.

Rehabilitation after accidents

We will help you return to your old level after a trauma or accident.

Rehabilitation after surgeries

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We have extensive experience of making training plans after operations in e.g. knee, shoulder and ankle. With us, you get an effective training program that ensures that you return to your old level quickly and safely. The exercises are constantly adapted to you and will gradually increase in difficulty. No matter what level you need to get back to, we can help you.

Sports injuries and rehabilitation

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We specialize in the rehabilitation of sports injuries, including muscle and tendon injuries. It could be tendon injuries such as achilles tendon pain, plantar fascitis or jumpers knee. It could also be muscle injuries in the hamstrings, groin or calves. Either way, we can help you get back to being able to exercise and do sports without pain.

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"The best choice for the
future of my knee."

Emma Riley

“I got a serious injury in my knee, where both the meniscus and the ACL teared apart. I knew that I would probably have to go to physiotherapy for 1 year. I have been to 3 different physiotherapists in the last year, but this is the first time I´ve been able to feel a difference. I have no doubt that was the best choice for the future of my knee.”

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"The best treatment
we could get."

Martin Skov Andreasen

“Over the past year, my son has been to several treatments for various injuries. Every time we go from there, we have the feeling that it has been the best treatment we could get. Lars is always listening and understanding. If there is a lack of progress, Lars is always trying to find a new way to create progress. All in all, it is extremely professional.”

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"More or less painless and
can do what I love."

Rie Frilund Skaarhøj

“It has been a pleasure to get Physiotherapy at Copenhagen Physio. I have a meniscus injury and as a fitness and yoga instructor it has been to quite painfull and I would rather avoid knee surgery again. After treatments at Copenhagen Physio, I am more or less painless and can do what I love - although I always have to be aware of my knee.”

Specialized rehabilitation

We have extensive experience in putting together effective and varied training programs that make you return to your sport - quickly but safely.
Our training programs are based on your injury and your problem. We can adapt the exercises whether you want to do exercises in a gym or at home.

As we are a direct extension of the Fitness Center SATS in Valby, we can use their training facilities during your rehabilitation.

The clinic is located in Valby, but we have patients from all over Copenhagen.

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Who should you choose?

Thomas and Michael are our specialists in rehabilitation, exercise guidance and program planning.
They have many years of experience from the world of sports and can definitely help you too - regardless of level.

Rehabilitation specialist and sports physiotherapist
Rehabilitation specialist and sports physiotherapist
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