Lars Røpke Nielsen

DKK 700

per treatment (40 min.)

Lars offers:
Physiotherapy and acupuncture

Thomas Flindt

DKK 650

per treatment (45 min.)

Thomas offers:
Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Sissel Arpe

DKK 650

per treatment (45 min.)

Sissel offers:
Physiotherapy and acupuncture


DKK 500

- 60 minutes massage

DKK 300

- 30 minutes massage


Cancellations must be reported by phone or mail at least 24 hours before treatment. Otherwise, you will be charged DKK 300.


Most health insurance and accident insurance cover all or part of the treatment. Call your insurance company and hear how much they cover if in doubt.


Payment is made after each session via MobilePay or by credit card.
We do not accept cash!

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