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Get a nice massage for wellness and sports

Enjoy a relaxing wellness massage or get your aching muscles treated with sports massage.

Copenhagen Physio
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Are you looking for a great massage?

  • Do you have sore and tense muscles?

  • Do you have tightness around the neck and shoulders?

  • Do you suffer from low back pain?

  • Do you experience headache?

  • Do you have tired muscles after sport?

Let us help you!

If you recognize one of the things above, you have come to the right place. Our ambition is to give you the absolute best massage, the best service and the best experience in Copenhagen.

Our massage will:

  • Reduce your pain.

  • Give you less muscle soreness.

  • Give you less tension in the muscles and joints.

  • Help your recovery after workout.

  • Increase your well-being.

Why choose us?

Copenhagen Physio offers professional massage in Copenhagen. We offer the highest quality of wellness and sports massage. Choose us if you want to spoil yourself.

5 stjernet anmeldelse

"Really great massage."

Christina T. Møller

“With computer work every day, I usually get a lot of neck pain. Now I get a massage every 14 days and my neck pain is gone. Really great massage and easy to get to by public transport. Highly recommended. :-)”

5 stjernet anmeldelse

"Effective sports massage."

Sebastian Dalgaard

“As a runner, I regularly need massages to recover properly. Copenhagen Physio helps me get ready faster and have a greater amount of training. Really effective sports massage!”

5 stjernet anmeldelse

"Very nice massage"

Mette From Nyberg

“I can clearly recommend getting a massage at Copenhagen Physio if you are looking for a relaxing and calm massage. It's very nice. Nice place with good hygiene. 5 out of 5 stars.”

What kind of massage do you want?

Sports Massage:

Sports massage is an in-depth muscle massage that prevents, relieves and treats pain and injuries to joints and muscles.

Sports massage treats tense muscles and increases blood circulation, thereby improving recovery. In addition, the massage can also help you get over a muscle injury.

Wellness massage:

Wellness massage is for those who want to be spoiled and relax with a nice massage. The massage can be soothing in a stressful everyday life and increase your well-being as well as greater happiness.

Massage is great for:

  • Low back pain.

  • Tension in the neck and shoulders.

  • Muscle soreness.

  • Sports and running injuries.

  • Muscle injuries.

  • Head ache.

  • Stress.

Who are we?

Mette and Julie are our massage specialists. They are skilled, service minded and love to help people with their problems. So if you need a massage you can book an appointment with Mette and Julie below. You will not regret it.

Mette Kvadratisk

Mette Berthelsen

How to book an appointment

You can book an appointment online by clicking the orange button below.
You can also call our secretary and book an appointment on tel. +45 60 55 44 50.

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