Eliminate back pain

Quick and efficient treatment of acute and chronic back pain

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Acute back pain

Effective treatment of acute back pain such as facet joint joint syndrome.

Chronic back pain

We treat chronic back pain that has lasted for many years with great success.

Radiating pain

Treatment of e.g. sciatic pain, disc herniation and protrusions.

Specialists in low back pain

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We specialize in treating low back pain. For many years we have treated hundreds of patients with low back pain. In our treatments, we focus on creating full strength and unrestricted mobility around the pelvis and lower back. In that way, most of the pain will be eliminated quite quickly.

In the picture you see the article from Ekstra Bladet, where we as experts were asked for great advice for the treatment of low back pain.

Chronic low back pain

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Have you had back pain for a long period of time? And have you tried several therapists without any effect? Over the years, we have treated many patients with chronic back pain that has previously been abandoned.

We have a different approach to back pain, which is why our treatments often work where other treatments had to give up. For the same reason, we are often used as a second opinion with great success.

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These treatments can
only be recommended!!”

Solvej Holse

“After a cycling holiday, I got so sore in the lower back every time I cycled uphill that I had to get off and walk. I have had low back pain for more than 10 years and expected it to stay that way. After 2 treatments, I went on a cycling holiday in Mallorca, where I could take all the hills without getting off. After 2 more treatments, I have also completely got rid of my daily low back pain! These treatments can only be recommended!!”

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"I have avoided
extensive surgery"

Alex Hoshiar

“Can highly recommend Copenhagen Physio! For 2 years i was hampered by disc herniation in the neck with radiance in the right arm. After repeated unsuccessful treatments with other therapists, I sought out Copenhagen Physio as a last resort before a comprehensive surgery. After 4-5 treatments, the pain is gone. I have avoided extensive surgery, and have even started strength training again. ”

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"I have received 4 treatments and I am almost painless"

Thomas Leidahl

"I have been in pain for several years and have been through 10-12 therapists without any effect. Took the chance with Copenhagen Physio. I explained about my back pain and not least the radiance I had down my leg. They were sure that they were able to relieve my pain, maybe even eliminate it completely. I have received 4 treatments and I am almost painless, a combination of some exercises and treatment at the clinic has done the trick."

Treatment of back and neck pain

We have many years of experience in treating low back pain and neck pain. We focus on quick pain relief which also lasts in the long run.

We have helped hundreds of patients with back pain return to a painless everyday life - even though the pain has lasted for many years.

Our approach to treatment is sometimes different from regular physiotherapy and works often where other treatment has to give up. For the same reason, we are often used as a second opinion.

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